Moving Forward with Gem Star Trucking

Based in Prince George British Columbia, Gem Star Trucking has an extensive history of delivering goods of all sizes for businesses throughout our region.  We make sure your projects continue to move forward with timely, quality and safe deliveries from our experienced drivers. 

Overnight | Same Day Express | Hotshot Service – Anywhere, Anytime

Our passion for taking care

Control and delivery of your valuable products started almost 20 years ago and we’ve specialized in delivering goods for the mining, forestry, construction, trade, transportation and various other industries within our region.  Our fleet of courier vehicles include sprinter vans, straight trucks and specialized trailers, an ideal fit for your requirements.

Reliable Deliveries

We’ve seen the growth of projects throughout northern BC and we understand the importance of reliable deliveries.  Unsafe or poorly planned shipping can lead to accidents and congestion, throwing off your workflow or potentially delaying your project.  We take value and pride in being able to deliver for you.

When you want overnight delivery done right
come to Gem Star Trucking.